“The flow of time cleanses the past and heals the wounds in people’s hearts. But there are wounds we cant speak of.” — Ai Yazawa

Many things happened in my life, and I thought that they changed me… but in the end, nothing has changed since.. I’m still the same, if not whole. If I could keep today’s happiness… I wouldn’t worry about tomorrow.

Time seems to be more kinder to me that I was to myself, it treated me with care and patience, and lead me on to a new path, A new path that is constantly unfolding. I may have some up days and I may have some days where I will get really low, but I know that no matter what happens, everything will always continue to move forward, and that’s what makes me feel gratitude towards life and time. And so damn scared at the same time. But then again, they say fear is healthy. Maybe, they’re right. I’d like to believe they are.



Author: rajaakhan

Twenty. A body too young, A mind full of years. Nerds are cool; They make shit happen. "I would leave the cinema after the next-to-the-last-song, and the film would just go on forever. Isn't it wonderful?" - Selma, Dancer in the Dark. Don't take me too seriously; Even I don't.

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