Like the Supernova..


They say people are like stars, the connections they have, lighting up the sky, weaving beautiful constellations in the otherwise empty nothingness, connecting them, making them more than what they are alone.

Most of them burn steadily for a long time until they slowly die out leaving some residual light, guiding the universe to go on, leaving behind a shadowy imprint of what once was.

Some though, explode from within, too soon, too sudden. Like the supernova. Leaving behind numb darkness, nothing to give an impression of the magnificence that had once been, leaving the others to stumble in the void.

However, these are the ones that used to be the most beautiful, the most dazzling, their absence missed the most because they disappear so suddenly and all that the others can do is grasp onto the shadowy memory of what used to be and accept how the vast expanse of seemingly empty black sky will never be the same again.


Author: rajaakhan

Twenty. A body too young, A mind full of years. Nerds are cool; They make shit happen. "I would leave the cinema after the next-to-the-last-song, and the film would just go on forever. Isn't it wonderful?" - Selma, Dancer in the Dark. Don't take me too seriously; Even I don't.

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