Dreaming Of You


Something I wrote one night, long back when I still dreamt of you.

Last night I dreamt of you, I dreamt that you were doing well and happy with life. I held your hand for hours not wanting to let go but sooner or later I would have to realize that you were not mine to lose, and then I made a decision…. I let go, and finally chose myself. When I woke up though, realizing it was just a dream made me feel slightly disappointed. Are you doing well or are you happy? Questions always on my mind, but I think by now we have reached the end of a cycle. What was, what was supposed to be, isn’t anymore and shouldn’t be, I can see that clearly now. And now that the anger, confusion and depression has faded away, all that remains is the sounds of our laughter echoing in the space between times.


Author: rajaakhan

Twenty. A body too young, A mind full of years. Nerds are cool; They make shit happen. "I would leave the cinema after the next-to-the-last-song, and the film would just go on forever. Isn't it wonderful?" - Selma, Dancer in the Dark. Don't take me too seriously; Even I don't.

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