Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff, poised to that that step forward?




Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff, poised to take that step forward, wanting to plunge into the magnificent blue ocean below. It beckons to you, the ocean, with its never ending vastness and the sun bouncing off its surface, leaving stars in its wake. Have you ever stood at that cliff until your desire to jump becomes a chant in your head – “Jump. Jump. Jump.” – and you want to. So bad. Especially because even amidst the deafening roar of the water and the voices in your head coming from all sides, even then, you can differentiate the voice that spins your desire, urging you on. Coaxing you into the beautiful water. Enticing you with the feeling you get from its nearness, standing on that cliff, poised to take that step forward and above all, wanting it too.
The thing about the ocean is, It’s deep and deadly, full of hidden secrets. For a few seconds there, you’re buoyant and floating, happy with the feeling. Then, you sink. The water pulls you below, until it surrounds you and it’s all you can see. You loose control over your own limbs and all you can do is gasp and flail for all that its worth. It’s everywhere. Burning in your throat, filling your lungs, pressing your limbs down. You struggle to stay afloat but the way to the surface seems impossible to cover. There comes a point that you can’t even remember what it was like to feel actual air in your lungs, to see without the itchiness in your eyes, to hear anything other than the roar of pressure in your ears. It builds up until you give up, you give up and the ocean lets you fall. It lets you fall and buries you in its store of treasures, or of ruins. Another one that fell for its calm demeanor above, for the feeling it made them feel. Another casualty of blind, hopeful faith.
So, have you stood at the edge of a cliff, poised to take that step forward, wanting to plunge. Have you stood at the edge of a cliff until your desire to jump becomes a chant in your head. When you do, and darling, one day yes you will; Don’t.

20 Reasons why Everybody Needs A Her

So that day, I was cursing my best friend (I’m sure it must have been for no reason at all) and a few minutes later simply had to text her because I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to make Nutella brownies or Oreo cheesecake. Then, while making the Nutella oreo brownies she suggested, I saw Winnie the Pooh and got to thinking (random, I know) everyone needs a her to survive life. Cheesiness overload and I’d probably never live it down but here we go..

. She is the one person who has a conversation with you about underwear, life decisions, future and fictional characters at the same time. (and not lose track of any one either)

. She doesn’t get confused at your rapidly changing frequency. From crying one second, to laughing your ass off the next.


. She could leave in the middle of an intense conversation and you wouldn’t even worry that it was something you said.

.  You absolutely need to talk to at odd times but still don’t come off as needy. Or worry about being clingy (which you are when it comes to her, tbh)

. You can sleep with her without your hormones questioning if you have jumped ship

. She is the one person who will be whatever you need whenever you need.

. She is always incredibly proud of your achievements and is there for you, when you don’t deliver to her expectations which, knowing you, no one knows why she has but she does and would push you for them even while taking up your time herself.

. When you diagnose yourself with numerous disorders and illness, she’d give you the slap to the head you very well deserve then cry about your constipation and how pooping is a blessing (It really is)

. You can stay silent sitting next to her or break out into manical laughter. She won’t question it, she’d just do it along with you.

. Who else can you discuss fiction with for hours and who will treat it as real life. Or that random senior she saw in the dining hall.

. She will send you stuff even when she is mad so that she does not have to rewind later because she knows you guys can’t stay apart for long. Like that meme that perfectly describes the way she farts..


. She is the one person you can tolerate absolutely anything about that you wouldn’t for anyone else and vice versa.

. You always have someone to text random things to like how that guy from anatomy class wears nice shoes or how you embarrassed yourself infront of people you don’t even know or what you think about winter weddings and how the bride looks at the wedding of your neighbour’s brother’s daughter’s wedding which you attended for the free food.

. She will tell you off, fight with you for yourself and even when you hate it, sometimes its what you need.

. She is the only person you can be jealous about without coming off as a creep thus curbing your creepy side.

. Her opinion on everything is a must-have. From texting her, “I really need you to tell me blah blah blah”, to “should I wear this or not?”. Even if in the end, you don’t listen – the comfort that comes from knowing what she said about is unrivalled.

. She will share your life with you, even parts not to be shared and you wouldn’t even note it because thats how its meant to be in your head. Like how gorgeous does that boy look, his eyes man..

. She’ll listen to all your deep theories that you come up with when you should be studying up on hyperplasia but end up contemplating the existence of the universe.

. She’d listen to our complains and then kick your butt and tell you to actually read up on methods of contraceptions for your exam rather than making poor jokes about it.

. When she is 613 miles away and you want to have an emotional moment like writing an entire blog post about how great it is to have her (even though you both know you spend half the time being irritated) – You can.


It’s the best feeling in the world to know someone would always be available if you needed a Paul Wesley threesome or go Bungee Jumping or a Care Bear Fest. Whatever, whenever. After all, who else would you call if you accidently murdered someone while trying to get the last oreo/nutella on the shelf. You never know, it could happen anyday (And ohh If YOU’re reading this, the body needs to be hidden. Get on a plane bitch) It’s the weekend and I want to do so many things and I miss youu


It’s Not Who You Know; It’s Who You Are: Advice From One Woman to Another

Yes, Yes and Yes.

Chocolate Vent

  1. Expect the best – This is what you deserve! It’s easy to hold on to old baggage from a previous relationship. But all of that should be left in the past – right where it belongs. Know that the next person you date will have their own baggage & will expect the best out of you as well.
  2. Don’t chase a man; allow him to chase you – Men are naturally inclined to be the “hunters”. They enjoy chasing so you’re not doing them any favors by taking that away from them. I know some men may say they like an aggressive woman, but at the end of the day if he’s a REAL man, then as the hunter, he should NEVER want to be the hunted.
  3. Let a man know you are not JUST girlfriend material but actual, wife material – A man should be able to tell this…

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The Magic of Being.

Recently, while looking up on Vincent Van Gogh, I came across some things that spoke to me.

“Proper self-respect, however, is also very dependent on relations with others.”


It got me thinking; for all that we say about people, we are inadvertently connected to them, even in our distrust or hopelessness. When one lives with others, he is bound with them for we are all like a mass of atoms, mismatched but existing together as a whole, each of our actions, affecting the other, fueling us forward, setting us on our way. As for the feelings of affection binding us, they make us aware that we have a reason for being, that we might not be entirely worthless and superfluous but perhaps good for one thing or another. They keep us believing in all this universe has to offer, in the magic of being.


No matter what we say, we need one another and are making the same journey as travelling companions. To share your thought with people is the most vulnerable you can be. It’s like offering your soul to them to do what they want with it, judge it, label it, read into it – However they want to. Conversation is the most magical of human interactions for it’s the most intimate you can be.  In one of her sayings, Amanda Palmer tells about the difference between wanting to be looked at and wanting to be seen.  When you are looked at, you can have your eyes closed. You suck energy, you steal the spotlight. When you are seen, your eyes must be open, you must see and recognize your witness. You accept energy and you create energy. You create light. One is exhibitionism. The other, a connection. Not everybody wants to be looked at. Everybody wants to be seen.

Game Over.

Life’s a game. We being simply the little objects on the screen played by God’s joystick, controlled by the buttons fate and destiny. We try doing everything our way, try to deflect our fate, to screw it in the face. What we don’t realize is that no matter which path we take, which jump we make our every action leads us back to that same destination and that is where we are all ultimately headed. We plan and plan and set our aims high, dreams flying and soaring high up in the sky. Fighting all sides, up, down, jump! Destiny making us go along, completing each stage, making us think we are winning, that we have the upper hand. You take shortcuts, use cheats, all to defy fate, to throw it off guard with our oh so genius moves smiling inside sure that you have now won.


But you are wrong. Cheated by destiny which makes you think it’s leading you towards victory. After all, fate is the essence of the game, written by God himself. Going above all our tricks and schemes, striking down the game we built bit by bit and we’re helpless watching it all go ablaze the bright colors in the sparks of light. You shiver as you feel the cold wind bringing our very end. Blowing away the smoke as the embers die. The notes of the song fade away. The trumpet blows. The fanfare tune that signals Game Over. Signals ‘The End’

Post – Rain

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The dry ground embraces the rain as if an old lover, letting it caress it, coaxing from it a smell that’s as new as it is familiar.

Rain has its own melancholic symphony; One that forces you to face the darkest crevices of your soul and bares you to the point that when the sun finally comes out, you embrace its rays and let them filter through you. The green of the trees seems darker, brighter. The air seems fresher, better. The dusty film on the past seems as if washed away and you get to start anew, the prospect of a brighter time seeming within reach, the shining sun hard to ignore and the lost will to thrive brought to light, unable to be stashed away.


For, every storm hints at a beautiful day where, despite the wreck and the destruction around us, the world starts to live again and we, with our damaged souls and battered hearts are allowed to heal and bloom once more.