Sometimes we spend time asking who is responsible or look for people to blame. We take it as human behavior, natural instinct to vent it out at someone when we are disturbed or ruffled. Whether in a relation or getting something done. Either it’s he did this, she should understand, they should think my way too. Why should that happen? Why expect so much to be? The people closest are who hurt the most. The toughest battle being the one where indifference strikes with might and expectations reach the height but it will always be disappointment complains for in the process of holding out our hands to receive. More rightly, demanding to receive, we miss out on the warmth in human relationships and giving each other support. Shouldn’t forgiving someone we love be the easiest thing to do? Aren’t we there because we want to be or is it that return bonus that’s holding us intact? Treasuring what we have is a thing that comes hardest to us. Looking for that silver lining, the shine in the mud, and the faults in them that we love because we do and that’s what makes relations so special. Don’t multiply pain, anguish and suffering by holding on to forgiveness. Give, Give, Give and Keep Smiling 🙂