The Magic of Being.

Recently, while looking up on Vincent Van Gogh, I came across some things that spoke to me.

“Proper self-respect, however, is also very dependent on relations with others.”


It got me thinking; for all that we say about people, we are inadvertently connected to them, even in our distrust or hopelessness. When one lives with others, he is bound with them for we are all like a mass of atoms, mismatched but existing together as a whole, each of our actions, affecting the other, fueling us forward, setting us on our way. As for the feelings of affection binding us, they make us aware that we have a reason for being, that we might not be entirely worthless and superfluous but perhaps good for one thing or another. They keep us believing in all this universe has to offer, in the magic of being.


No matter what we say, we need one another and are making the same journey as travelling companions. To share your thought with people is the most vulnerable you can be. It’s like offering your soul to them to do what they want with it, judge it, label it, read into it – However they want to. Conversation is the most magical of human interactions for it’s the most intimate you can be.  In one of her sayings, Amanda Palmer tells about the difference between wanting to be looked at and wanting to be seen.  When you are looked at, you can have your eyes closed. You suck energy, you steal the spotlight. When you are seen, your eyes must be open, you must see and recognize your witness. You accept energy and you create energy. You create light. One is exhibitionism. The other, a connection. Not everybody wants to be looked at. Everybody wants to be seen.